Shooting in Haiti leaves 15 dead, including a journalist and an activist


Fifteen people They were murdered shot on Tuesday night in the capital of Haiti, including a journalist and a political activist from the opposition, according to the head of the Haitian National Police, who reported alleged retaliation by supporters of a union police assassinated a few hours before.

The photos of the corpses of journalist Diego Charles, on the ground, and from Antoinette duclair, feminist and activist of match of the opposition Matrice Libération, at the wheel of their car, they circulated through Haitian social networks first thing in the morning.

The two victims were 33 years old.

In reaction to the murder of Guerby Geffrard (the murdered police officer), his allies plotted the shooting this morning that killed 15 peaceful citizens. Among those killed are the journalist Diego Charles, from Radio Vision 2000, and Mrs. Antoinette Duclair, “said director Léon Charles at a press conference, without giving details to support his claim.

Guerby Geffrard, who was killed a few hours earlier in the Port-au-Prince neighborhood where the nightly shooting took place, was the spokesperson for the SPNH-17 police union, which is in open conflict with the central police administration.

The PNH director general said that an investigation had been opened “to locate all the perpetrators and co-perpetrators of the crimes committed.”

The brother of a famous Haitian singer is also among the victims of the shooting.

Early in the morning, the government had conveyed its condolences to the families of the victims.

These heinous crimes and reprehensible actions cannot go unpunished in any way in a democratic society, “reacted the office of the Haitian Prime Minister.

The shooting comes as the control of gangs in Haiti has worsened since the beginning of the year.

Clashes between armed gangs in the west of the capital have prompted thousands of slum residents to flee their homes.


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