Shonan Bellmare vs. Kashiwa Reysol

06/26/2021 at 12:00 CEST

The Shonan bellmare receives this Sunday at 12:00 the visit of the Kashiwa reysol in the Shonan BMW Stadium Hiratsuka during their twentieth match in the J1 Japanese League.

The Shonan bellmare faces the twentieth day of the tournament with the illusion of recovering its position after having drawn 0-0 against the Prawn Osaka in his last game. Since the start of the season, the hosts have won four of the 19 games played so far, with a streak of 18 goals for and 20 against.

For his part, Kashiwa reysol suffered a defeat against Urawa Reds in the last game (0-2), so that a win against the Shonan bellmare it would help him improve his track record in the tournament. To date, of the 19 games that the team has played in the J1 Japanese League, it has won four of them and has a balance of 15 goals scored against 27 goals received.

In reference to local performance, the Shonan bellmare has achieved statistics of two wins, one loss and six draws in nine games played at home, numbers that can be encouraging for him Kashiwa reysol, since they show a certain weakness of the premises in the matches that are played in the Shonan BMW Stadium Hiratsuka. Away from home, the Kashiwa reysol He has won once and has been defeated seven times in his 10 games played, which are figures that do not show an excessively optimistic balance for the match that will measure him with the Shonan bellmare.

The rivals had already met before in the Shonan BMW Stadium Hiratsuka and the balance is one victory and three defeats in favor of the Shonan bellmare. The last game they played on Shonan bellmare and the Kashiwa reysol in the competition was in March 2021 and ended with a 2-1 result in favor of the Kashiwa reysol.

Currently, both teams are separated in the classification by seven points in favor of the Shonan bellmare. The team of Bin Ukishima He arrives at the match in thirteenth position and with 21 points before the match. On the other hand, the visitors are in seventeenth position with 14 points.

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