Shohei Ohtani hit his second home run of the season

The Japanese Shohei ohtani connected his second home run of the season in the Big leagues.

Through his first outing from the mound in the 2021 season, Shohei ohtani He not only showed off from the mound but also off the batter’s box, hitting a beastly home run through right field off Dylan Cesse of the Chicago White Sox.

Obviously it is not unusual to see a pitcher playing as a batter in the same game in the American League. MLB. In that same inning, he threw 101 miles.

Here the videos:

At the moment in the NATO line up and he comes out as a designated hitter but also as a starting pitcher, the last time something like this happened in the American League is not recorded. MLB.

Things like these are what make Shohei ohtani one of the best players in the major leagues, since he can fulfill both functions at a high level, there is still no other player of this magnitude that is active in the MLB.