Shocking lace, Daniella Chávez shows off with dark hair

Shocking lace, Daniella Chávez shows off with dark hair | INSTAGRAM

Surely the beautiful Chilean model Daniella Chávez has had many different looks in her life, however, we have never been able to see before the one that we will present to you today, a very attractive and flirty one that consists of dark tones contrasting with her beautiful skin.

That’s right, it is a Photography in which the young woman wore dark hair and a set of black lace that made her look totally stunning Y attractive some images that his loyal fans could consider as one of the most flirtatious of his past.

And it is that the young woman has already decided to be blonde at least until further notice, but at that time she managed to show off her beautiful figure with her dark hair something that we all really loved because she gives her a new look and refreshing images as entertainment.

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The photograph was shared in the Twitter and at the moment it is circulating among the faithful followers of the young woman who took it and realized how beautiful she looked in such a way.

The most interesting of all is that the exact date it was taken is not known but it has caused some of his loyal fans to ask him by messages to repaint his dark hair considering that it looks pretty good and that it fits him perfectly. .


Right at this moment in the Instagram stories the beautiful young woman decided that she would continue with her blonde hair and in fact she placed some extensions that looked very good with which she showed that almost white blonde is now her color.

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She also shared that she was celebrating the birthday of the son of one of her best friends, so she attended and recorded the moment when the candles were blown out yesterday in addition to taking a picture with them.

But that does not end and because the young woman is also quite interested in you subscribing to her exclusive content page as well as following her on her Instagram, where she already has more than 14.6 million followers, two sites where she uploads attractive photographs in one more than the other, but also All content made with love for their fans.

Keep an eye on Show News and do not miss the curiosities, news and the best information that arises around Daniella Chávez who will also be delivering new photos of her beauty very soon.

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