Shock by the death of Gabriel Chachi, the ‘streamer’ friend of Ibai Llanos

Social networks mourn the death of one of the most popular streamers of the moment. Gabriel Chachi, only 25 years old, has died in the last hours in a totally unexpected way. As soon as social networks found out what happened, thousands of people mourned his loss through messages offering their condolences and encouragement to the young man’s family.

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The famous youtuber Ibai Llanos, a personal friend of the deceased, has launched a reminder through Twitter in which he asks that we all take care of our mental health. “Always take care of your mental health. Ask for help from the people around you and go to a professional. I know that sometimes it is difficult or “embarrassing” to seek help and tell about problems, but there are times when it is absolutely necessary. Take good care of yourselves, ”he wrote Plains very excited.

This content creator, with a presence on YouTube for years and known for his accounts where he posted memes on networks, has collaborated with numerous influencers and youtubers. That is why there have been many publications from colleagues and friends who have mourned his loss, but the first to sound the alarm that something could be happening was his girlfriend, Hanabie.

“Literally, I am going through the greatest anguish of my life. I don’t understand anything, nothing suits me. I don’t know what to do, I’m scared, ”he tweeted early Tuesday morning. “I do not want to fall asleep, because I know that I am going to dream that it appears and when I wake up I will feel horrible,” he wrote.

Gabriel Chachi He gained a lot of notoriety on social networks, with an Instagram account that has more than 50,000 followers and direct on Twitch where he gathered more than 25,000 followers.

Reactions on social networks have only grown in recent hours, especially to reiterate the need to go to therapy and specialists when they have symptoms of mental health problems.

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