Shock and fury in Recoleta: he got out of the truck and broke all the windows of a bus with a baseball bat

Destructions during a crash in Recoleta

An unusual situation was experienced yesterday in Recoleta. A collision between a bus driver on line 109 and a truck driver ended in a confrontation on public roads and the arrest of both.

It all started at the intersection of Córdoba avenue with Ecuador. A Chevrolet Spin performed a risky maneuver, turned right onto the dedicated lane for public transportation, and the intern could not avoid it. The impact was mild, but the situation did not end in a simple traffic discussion in the City of Buenos Aires.

The man who was driving the truck got out of the vehicle moments later with a wooden stick and hit the chassis of the bus, smashing and chipping the windows and doors.

Later, according to police sources in dialogue with ., personnel from the Neighborhood Police Station 2B moved to the intersection of Córdoba avenue with Jean Jaures.

When consulting with the Criminal Prosecutor’s Office Number 17In charge of Dr. López and before the Sole Secretariat of Dr. Magno, the arrest, the kidnapping of the shot and the weapon in question, in this case a wooden stick, were ordered.

The passersby who passed by recorded the sequence, which generated the viralization of the event.

In one of the films it can be seen how the driver of the truck carries a blunt element in his hands. While preparing to hit the windows of the unit, the driver reacts by moving forward and moving the vehicle. The noise while the truck is moving by action of inmate 109 caught the attention of motorcyclists who were circulating in the area.

The man who was driving the truck got out of the vehicle moments later with a wooden stick and hit the chassis of the bus (Twitter Ciudad Bondis) The man who was driving the truck got out of the vehicle moments later with a wooden stick and hit the chassis of the bus (Twitter Ciudad Bondis)

Images were shared on the Ciudad de Bondis Twitter account of how the group was attacked. “ANOTHER traffic discussion between a bus and a car. They were coming from Av. Córdoba and the car turned to the right over the bondi, it brushes against the car, the motorist gets off with a bat and breaks the windows, then # 9 of # Linea109 pushes him in counteroffensive .

Traffic discussions are part of the daily life of traffic in the City of Buenos Aires, and also in the Province. Months ago, still in quarantine, a confrontation had a similar outcome. A motorist and a motorcyclist had a disagreement that almost ended in tragedy on the streets of the Buenos Aires city of Hurlingham. Security cameras in the area captured part of the altercation, which began near Morón and ended three kilometers later, on Félix Frías Street at 3600, where the car rammed the motorcycle from behind.

At the same time, days ago, a sports car and a truck collided on General Paz Avenue, at the intersection with Libertador and in the direction of the Río de La Plata. As a result of the accident, one of the drivers suffered some injuries and had to be transferred to a hospital with a diagnosis of various multiple injuries. The incident occurred a few minutes after 9 in the morning and involved a black Chevrolet Camaro and a white Renault Kangoo. Only the drivers were traveling in the vehicles, who managed to get out of their cars by their own means after the collision, according to police sources.

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