Shin-chan’s new video game, unveiled during the Japanese Nintendo Direct, could arrive in Europe

The recent Nintendo Direct It has left us, beyond the sterile debate generated around it, really important announcements and for all tastes. 50 minutes that we had the pleasure of living intensely, and live, on our / your Twitch channel. However, and as is often the case in these cases, the japanese broadcast It also left us with the odd gem, no date for the West. Clear examples of this were Caligula 2 and Crayon Shin Chan: Ora to Hakase no Natsuyasumi. Well, in the case of Shinnosuke Nohara, a beam of light and hope has been opened that points directly to the European continent.


Crayon… Shin-chan (for friends) is a title developed by Millennium Kitchen and edited by Neos Corportation, and it presents us with an ambitious adventure that, a priori, has all the ingredients to succeed. It is based on a Japanese icon, it presents us with an impressive, as well as beautiful, artistic section faithful to the original anime and invites us to live endless adventures during the summer holidays. Does anyone give more? Well yes, Twitter user 5551raul has seen fit to ask the very same Kaz ayabe (director of the new Shin-chan installment) for its future European release. The answer has been clear:

I will do my best to release a European version!

As is often said, hope is the last thing that is lost, and less now, after Ayabe’s statements. Do you think this new and promising foray into the world of video games will finally reach European territory?



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