Shift of Issstep, HU and private

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Puebla / 18.01.2021 11:36:09

On January 19 it will be the turn to receive the anticovid vaccine from Pfizer and BioNTech to health professionals who treat covid-19 in the IInstitute of Security and Social Services for Workers of the State of Puebla (Issstep), the University Hospital and the private clinics.

This was announced by José Antonio Martínez García, head of the State Secretariat of Health SSA, who said that 100 percent inoculation was met for those dependency workers who are on the front line of battle against the virus.

« Tomorrow (Tuesday) we continue with our sister institution Issstep, the University Hospital and private hospitals. »

In the midst of the controversy that arose last weekend due to the statements of the federal deputy for Puebla, Nayeli Salvatori Bojalil, regarding the fact that doctors from private institutions they should wait longer to get vaccinated, Martínez García made it clear that they will receive the corresponding application.

The specialist indicated that the Angeles Hospital requested 1,100 vaccines; the Spanish Charity, 594; the Betania Hospital, 400; the Medical Towers MAC, 370; the Upaep Hospital, 250; and the San Pedro Clinic, 68.

However, he reported that it will be the National Hospital Network at the federal level which verifies the veracity of interest lists in receiving the dose with 95 percent immunization, in order to avoid irregularities.

« We have already been in contact since last week and they have already passed us the lists, we have sent them to be verified at the central level and from tomorrow we will start with the vaccination, tomorrow the biotic will arrive, hopefully tomorrow we will start and otherwise it would be early Wednesday ».