Sherlyn reveals her baby’s name within days of meeting him | Instagram Special

Actress Sherlyn has given good news your followers on social networks when updating with a video through your Instagram account who has already found a hospital where she can give birth and welcome her baby and also revealed her baby’s name days to meet him.

Actress known for her work on Televisa soap operas she had given the sad news and which had her very worried, since the hospital where she had planned to give birth had several cases of contagion by the pandemic virus. So it was not a safe place to welcome your baby into the world and for his own health.

Because of this, Sherlyn started the search to find a new hospital to comply with all safety and health measures to give birth to your baby, with advanced pregnancy and days away from meeting your childSherlyn found herself needing to leave home and begin her search for the hospital.

Sherlyn reveals her baby’s name within days of meeting him

Fortunately, the actress Sherlyn has already shared the news that she has already found the right hospital to enter and welcome her little son into the world with a good doctor and in the best conditions. Through her networks, the actress directly shared the news along with the name of her baby and with the surprise that she made him an Instagram account.

“My love, everything fits, change of hospital, change of doctor, change of everything, we are ready now, yes, it is a hospital free of covid and now if with all the tranquility and happiness.” Sherlyn revealed next to her mother with a calmer and more relaxed face, since everything was already controlled.

“ANDRÉ. His name is André. The man who came to change everything and turned my world into a place of rainbows, colorful sunsets, rain of light and shine, I love you, dear son, God knows how many places I will talk about you on your knees, today my beloved André is missing very little to see my heaven @andrenuestrobebe “. Sherlyn wrote on her Instagram account.

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