Sherlyn rants against Andrea Legarreta assure and share alleged evidence | Reform

It is no wonder that Jorge Clairvoyant I spoke ill of Sherlyn, but what did leave everyone perplexed was the confessions he made about what the actress said about Andrea Legarreta.

The seer shared for TvNotas, textuals and audios that could be evidence that the newly debuted mother rants against the host of Hoy and also tried to do a « job » for her.

In the supposed text messages that Sherlyn sent Jorge it can be seen that he refers to Legarreta as « p3rra » and that he does not like her at all.

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The famous clairvoyant shared that this was the famous reaction after the morning host spoke about her and her ex-partner, José Luis de Río Roma.

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What I wanted to show you is the p3rr @ that Andrea Legarreta behaves. What a thing! You can read in the message.

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Jorge Clairvoyant assured that Sherlyn asked him for a « job » so that Andrea could do badly; however, he refused because he was a being of great light.

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The famous man accused Sherlyn in the past and Geraldine Bazan to perform witchcraft and ask for jobs; This after ensuring that the actress had sent him to g0lp3ar to avoid revealing the name of her baby’s father.