Sherlyn explodes against who put at risk of infecting her son with Covid-19: “I wanted to die”

Sherlyn shared the terrible moment he lived in a meeting after he found out that A person infected with Covid-19 was very close to his baby, little Andre, whom he even carried in his arms.

“He came in and said, ‘Oh, let me carry your son!’ She carried my son very happy and one of Ale’s friends tells me ‘take off the baby, not to carry him’So I took it off ”, she narrated in ‘Netas Divinas’, a program to which she was invited.

After the anguish to learn that that man had been diagnosed with Covid-19, the actress revealed that He felt very angry with that person, so he did not hesitate to speak to him to express his discontent for not being careful and exposing other people.

“I dialed him and I told him he was irresponsible, how had it occurred to him, that if he had any doubts why the hell he didn’t keep himself at home, and didn’t avoid having contact. If you have doubts, don’t expose anyone, ”she said, visibly furious.

In that sense, he also detailed the reaction he had when he learned that his son’s health was at risk due to irresponsibility.

“This man came out positive and I wanted to die”, he counted.

Sherlyn became a mother on May 30, 2020 thanks to the in vitro fertilization method and since then she has been very careful with her baby, especially when it comes to defending him. The good thing was that this mishap did not happen to adults and both she and little Andre are in good health.

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