Shelton Benjamin encourages fans to support indie fighters during the COVID-19 pandemic

Shelton Benjamin is the latest superstar of WWE who has appealed to pro wrestling fans to support independent circuit wrestlers during the coronavirus pandemic.

Benjamin recently posted on official account of Twitter Various tweets commenting on the status of indie fighters who do not have rescheduled dates because all their bookeos have been canceled due to the confinement of COVID-19.

Next, we leave you with the declared words of Shelton Benjamin regarding the topic:

Amazing talents NOT on a @WWE roster are going to have a tough Struggle with $ 0 coming in due Coronavirus Pandemic. So if you have the means support your favorite independant wrestler. buy their merch & support their platforms #SUPPORTINDYWRESTLING we are all in this together.

– Shelton J. Benjamin (@ Sheltyb803) March 25, 2020

Those amazing talents not on the current WWE roster are going through a tough fight with a $ 0 salary due to the Coronavirus pandemic. So if you want to support your favorite independent fighter, buy their merchandising and support their platforms with #SUPPORTINDYWRESTLING. We are all in this together.

Independent fighters around the world have lost their bookeos due to the cancellation of their respective events due to the coronavirus pandemic. As we have previously mentioned, Shelton Benjamin was not the first superstar of WWE who has suggested this idea. Mustafa ali Y Lio Rush They have also recently offered their support to independent fighters who are going through this tough time.

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