Shell companies, what are they and how do they operate to deceive you?

Surely you have ever run into a vacancy that seems like a fall from the sky since it offers you a good salary, hours, benefits, among other things. But it is not always the best option since the job offers could be a shell company.

According to the OCC Mundial platform, shell companies are organizations that operate for profit and are also not legally constituted since they do not have a domicile where they are established, in addition to operating with impunity.

Beware of shell companies. Photo: Reforma How do they operate?

The way in which these types of companies operate is through attractive advertisements, whether they are published in a newspaper, flyers or online. When potential candidates contact recruiters, they schedule an appointment as soon as possible, even the same day.

When the contact is through the Internet, it is most likely that minutes after applying you will receive an email where they will send you all the information for the supposed interview. When the day arrives, not many details are provided about the position and what you will have to do in your position, but they will ask you to stay for a « training ».

The surprise is that it is not really a training but a motivational talk, which finally turns out to be something about sales and the interviewee ends up being the customer they want to convince to buy.

The reason for this is that some companies want you to join them by making some type of sale, for example, perfumes or other products, and depending on the amount you buy, it will be the position you can occupy within it.

Types of shell companies

1. « Work abroad! »

Usually it is about caring for minors abroad, but in return they will ask you for a sum of money to cover the expenses, but be careful because you could lose everything since most of the time they do not have a registry.

2. Spam emails

These job offers come to your email as spam, if you click on it they will ask you for an amount of money to send you the material so that you can start working, after you do it they disappear along with what you gave them.

3. « Fill out surveys from your home »

They are the most common on the internet, these companies offer you to work from home by filling out surveys, what they don’t tell you is that for sending you those surveys you will have to pay an amount of money.

4. « Earn more than $ 10,000 a month making products from home »

In these cases they ask you for money to provide you with material to make products, which you have to sell on your own, although you will eventually end up losing your money by investing in something that is not worth it.

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