Sheila Mello shared a photo with her boyfriend, João Souza. Tennis player known as Feijão celebrates his birthday on Wednesday (27). In the post, the dancer recalled the first meeting and the first kiss of the couple, who is quarantining away. “The mouth will lose its limit, they kissed without stopping, the mouth, chin, nose in a desire to merge with each other, she didn’t have to worry about the exaggerated touches, she can surrender in the safety of those hugs”, he recalled


Sheila Mello and her boyfriend, tennis player João Souza, known as Feijão, will celebrate his birthday separately because of the pandemic of the new coronavirus. But the dancer did not let the date pass in white clouds and declared herself to the athlete sharing a photo in which the two appear lying in a hammock. “Unfortunately I will not be at your side to give the hugs that we love so much, soon we will make up for it! May your new cycle be interesting, light and fulfilling!”, Wrote the actress.

Sheila quotes boyfriend’s mustache in statement: ‘Sensual’

Brenda’s mother, the result of her marriage to Fernando Scherer, from whom she separated after 9 years, Sheila made a long statement to her boyfriend. “She knew for sure that she began to desire him when she noticed his absence. But luckily for him, he was tall and soon spotted him in front of the stage absorbed in the pleasure of listening to his favorite band, Natiruts, spent a while watching him, looking at her body, her blunt hair, he took her straight to the characters of Nelson Rodrigues, a natural, Brazilian sensuality, maybe it was the mustache that caused this impression, that pleased her, Nelson was her favorite playwright “, he started.

‘Sheila and João realized that they had many passages in common’

The ex-dancer from É Tchan continued remembering how they met. “Without any doubt of what he wanted, she approached him, he opened his eyes, giggled and went back to enjoying his own vibe, she thought it was cute and the enchantment started to grow. He used any pretense of people to touch him as if it were without The mood of desire was already in the air, and so together, but nothing declared besides the giggles, they enjoyed the show. When it was over, they found a group of friends who were in a specific area, so they started to know each other’s history. , in the testimonies, they realized that they had many passages in common “.

‘Eyes closed, and he was on the prowl’

Sheila, often compared to her daughter for similarity, went on: “In that environment where everyone talked about success and attributes, he talked about his weaknesses and defects, more potential passion in the area, precisely because of this consequence of sincerity. She felt the effects of the drinks that he was taking it, his eyes closed for the delivery to happen internally, and this time it was he who was lurking, but, much closer than she had been. When opening her eyes, she found herself looking down, ready for the moment they wanted most, to stick together “.

Sheila remembered her boyfriend’s first kiss: ‘Connection’

Finally, Sheila also spoke of the couple’s first kiss. “The mouth will lose its limit, they kiss without stopping, the mouth, chin, the nose in a desire to merge with the other, she didn’t have to worry about the exaggerated touches, she can surrender in the safety of those hugs. She just thought in one sentence, p *** what p ****, what a connection this is! “, he recalled. “It was in this way that you came into my life”, concluded Brenda’s mother, who already countered criticism for the girl’s supposed eroticization when she was 4 years old.

(By Guilherme Guidorizzi)

Sheila Mello recalled the first kiss on her boyfriend, João Souza, when paying tribute to the tennis player for his birthday: 'Mouth, chin, nose in a desire to merge with the other'

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