Sheila Casas openly reveals her relationship with a former participant of ‘Mujeres y Hombres y Viceversa’

Sheila Casas, sister of actors Mario and Óscar Casas, is also actress and also a psychology student. At the end of 2020, she began a relationship with the interpreter Adrián Pedraja.

However, it seems that the thing between them it didn’t work very well and Sheila did not take long to find a new love that she now boasts openly, but with whom she is suspected of having been dating. a few months.

The most surprising thing is that it is a former participant of Women and Men and vice versa. Of course, from the first stage, when it was presented by Emma García, back in 2010, when he he became a tronista.


This is the most recent photo Sheila has uploaded to her Instagram profile. Toño, for his part, seems to be more retired from public life and the Jaleos section of the newspaper El Español, published in 2018 an article in which it was reported that the ‘viceversa’ had to get involved work as a waiter.

Although Sheila’s photo may have surprised more than one, It is not the first time that Toño has been seen with her and even with her family. In January of this year, a video circulated in which she, her brother Mario Casas, a friend and Toño himself were seen sitting next to Mario at a meal.

According to this Instagram account that shared the video, it was Sheila who uploaded the two clips to her stories on the social network. In the same way, the couple has been quite discreet so far, especially if one takes into account that everything indicates that They have been together for months.

Perhaps, now that spring is coming and their relationship is more consolidated The actress will share more about her new partner and about the questions that many ask themselves: how did they meet and how they started their relationship.