She will record a personalized video, Celia Lora invites her fans in a great way

She will record a personalized video, Celia Lora invites her fans in a great way (INSTAGRAM)

Will record a personalized video, Celia Lora invites her fans in a great way | INSTAGRAM

The weekend just arrived and the beautiful Mexican model Celia Lora knows that her fans want to be entertained with some quality content, so she invites us to join her exclusive content page so she could record a personalized video for us. those who subscribe.

One of the great advantages of subscribing to the official website of Celia Lora is that VIP members, to which they can be converted by paying a modest amount per month, have the opportunity to ask for a totally personalized video and even mention your name, among other things.

As we know there on the page also upload some photos and videos risque, always seeking to pamper all those who enjoy her great beauty and having a large loyal fan base she knows that they will also be supporting her to help her with her finances, as it is one of her most recurring and above all necessary income in her life .

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Something that stood out a lot is the way in which he made the announcement public, since he barely dressed in a very elegant set of lingerie and his fans came to enjoy that her charms They will shine wholesale, being one of your favorites and keeping it especially for this special moment.

For Celia Lora, each person who subscribes to her page is very special and important, so she even tries to learn their names and talk with them every time she has the opportunity, this being another of the great benefits of subscribing there, what a way of keep everyone happy.

As we know, Celia has also been working very hard together with the MTV television channel to be able to launch a new chapter every week of “El Consultorio del amor con Celia Lora”, where she has had several guests and very soon we will have “La Cotorrisa” participating with her to create quality content.


It should be remembered that Celia Lora also attended La Cotorrisa as a guest, there was a somewhat controversial program since a younger Mexican did not turn to see one of the conductors almost once, causing a great euphoria among the fans of the program.

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Of course Celia Lora has an excellent personality and charisma, however, she does not get along the same with all people and it could be that our friend the driver and comedian Ricardo Pérez has lacked what the young woman needs to be able to feel herself.

Celia has also become a youtuber by opening her own channel and posting videos where she tells us about all kinds of messages she receives on her social networks.

The videos in which the daughter of Alex Lora, vocalist of the Mexican band El Tri, participates are very funny, since thanks to her type of humor any situation becomes a very funny anecdote and of course there is no lack of laughter, thus being many people who enjoy hanging out with her is very successful.

Celia always participates in the programs that she is invited to in her distinctive way and causing it to be generated in some very funny moments such as her participation in Everyone Wants Fame.

Celia Lora memes have even been created about how good she has been; so we recommend that you do not miss any of its news and details and you can do it here at Show News.