“She will always be in you”

These are not being the best days for Tom Brusse. If on Saturday his girlfriend, Sandra Pica, announced that she had serious doubts about his feelings towards him and that he needed a conversation to clarify … the Survivors: last minute, showed this Monday on Telecinco that the young man is in low spirits for other reasons.

First of all, the program showed a video on the occasion of Mother’s Day. He taught some affected Marta López and Olga Moreno who assured that for them that day was more important than their own birthdays. In addition, with tears they commemorated the gifts that their children used to bring them and their congratulations.

This was not well received by some collaborators, who from the set assured that it was a party that made them very lazy or that it seemed like a very exaggerated scene. Among them were Oriana Marzoli and the presenter, Jorge Javier Vázquez.

For her part, Belén Rodríguez went further and pointed out that Olga was interpreting to reinforce, even more, her image of a devoted mother in contrast to Rocío Carrasco. These words were not well received by Kiko Matamoros, who described them as “tendentious”.

Later, at the end of the gala, a video was broadcast that Jorge Javier Vázquez defined as “very tender images”. These had as protagonists the other side of the coin, Tom and Melyssa, whose drama was that they could not see their mothers. At first, the Portuguese appeared crying while commenting that worse than hunger was not knowing anything about yours.

He also regretted missing both his birthday and Mother’s Day, while Brusse told him that nothing was wrong, because Mother’s Day could be celebrated continuously. Later, it became Melyssa who consoled the French, because his mother died when he was only 18 years old.

“I know how you are with your things, but if you need to talk, vent or whatever, despite everything you know that I am here. And I am sure that she is watching and listening to you, and that she is very proud of you. , of everything you do and of the survivor that you have become, because she is in you“, he said just before giving him a hug while the businessman cried and nodded.

The moment was very well received among the collaborators and Oriana commented, as on other occasions, how good a person Pinto seemed to her for the way she treated her ex-boyfriend despite what happened in The Island of Temptations 2.