Susana Giménez (Photo: GrosbyGroup)

After completing the necessary days of isolation, last Sunday Susana gimenez She packed her bags, got into her car, and her driver took her to the San Fernando airport. There, 3:45 pm he boarded a private plane that landed in Punta del Este. A little later he arrived at La Mary, the farm of his property where he usually goes to rest. “I am going to nature. My arm is fine. The cast hurt a lot, so they put an elbow on me, which supports me better, « he said and added: « In Uruguay I am going to do physiotherapy, rest, read and be with my dogs », the diva had told.

However, everything that was proposed did not quite turn out as expected. Far from resting, you will have to shoulder daily tasks. As soon as he arrived at his property, he found that none of his employees were on the property. He first found out that her cook asked for a license because she had a spinal surgery. Although you are going to return to your job, you still do not know the estimated date when you will. What if they anticipated the driver, is that a few months will pass, but they told her that they will wait for her.

Susana Giménez settled in La Mary to relax and enjoy the scenery

As a result of this, in the last hours the diva could be seen trying to eat. Her brother filmed her wanting to peel an onion, without achieving his mission. « How do you get the arena this, the shell? « , he said, and while Pato laughed, he added: “Boludo, don’t you see that I have to cut it like that, you can’t. How do you remove the brown shell? After several attempts he managed to peel and cut it, but found that it was rotten and had to discard it.

Then, already frustrated, she got angry and said: « I’m not doing anything else. » Right away, Patricio Giménez, even without stopping to laugh, asked her if she was ordering food and she gave him the go-ahead. Nothing to keep trying something that was not going to come to fruition. She asked him to please call delivery and promised not to put his hands in the kitchen again. « I don’t like cooking. There is a smell in your hair… ”.

Coming out of this entertaining episode, the complications were not only there, in not having someone cook a delicious dish and take care of those tasks. According to a source accessed by Farándula Show, Susana also ran into the resignation of her landlord. This took her by surprise. The man is the husband of the cook and, apparently, he would have left his job to take care of his partner, who cannot move and exert too much effort.

The tenor and complexity of the situations referring to the people who abandoned it was increasing. The same person who accessed the portal indicates that The maid is not part of the campus either, she was fired and that the causes did not transcend. Hermeticism, in this case, draws the attention of the Uruguayan press.

However, the most complicated and confusing comes from the side of one of his gardeners. The person in charge of maintaining the lawn of the farm disappeared from one day to the next because faces a court case. The portal indicated that it is a 30-year-old person who was arrested by justice on September 10. According to the media, he is accused of allegedly committing repeated crimes of rape, repeated crimes of aggravated sexual abuse.

The case began after the complaint of a mother of a 12-year-old girl at a police station in the department of Maldonado. The lady commented that this person, who was her partner, had abused her daughter since she was 10 years old and that she found out, thanks to the minor’s story, on September 8. According to Amalis Martínez, the family’s lawyer, the woman worked at night and the minor was left in charge of her abuser.

According to extrajudicial information, the medical experts have given credit to the complaint. Immediately, the protocol for this type of case was established, which consists of the care of a multidisciplinary cabinet to attend to the baby.


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