In social networks they have already called her ‘toxic girlfriend’ because after arguing with a man, she launched herself into being hit by a car

| 09/15/2020 | ionicons-v5-c11: 14 | Francisco Trejo |

California.- From a securities transport truck, a custodian California managed to capture the exact moment when a woman jumped into an avenue and was run over by a car after an argument with a man who is alleged to be her boyfriend.

Although the identity of the two people believed to be a sentimental couple is unknown, many who have seen the video They agree that it was a couple’s argument. This is based on the self-destructive behaviors that usually manifest in a ‘toxic relationship’.

He video that was shared on September 11 was recorded by a worker from a security company Sectran Security and calls himself on social networks as Aiden Yoshimura. Based on the information present in his Facebook account, it can be intuited that the incident he captured with his cell phone could have occurred in Los Angeles or in surrounding areas such as Pasadena, California.

« Somebody help this girl … The shit I see every day », Aiden Yoshimura