She takes to the streets with her baby to ask for money, her case went viral and changed her life completely

On June 8, an Argentine woman named Sandra Tolosa He published on his Facebook profile the photograph of a man he ran into on the street, without imagining that this action would change the gentleman’s life.

It turns out that Sandra he ran into a man in the street, who was sitting on the sidewalk, carrying a baby. His name is Ángel Ariel Ustares and he told him that he was begging with his little daughter, since he and his wife did not have work.

“Ángel and his family are on the street. I saw his resume with the 5-month-old baby and asked him what he was doing. Crying he told me that he is a bricklayer and a mechanic. Can’t get a job. Maybe by going viral we can help it. He told me that he does not want to lower his arms for his son, ”Sandra wrote in her post that quickly went viral.

It was at the beginning of June, in the middle of winter on that side of the southern hemisphere, when he and his wife Lara found themselves in serious financial problems, which complicated their situation and the maintenance of their children, Catalina, 3 years old; and Bastián, 5 months.

So these parents had no choice but to go out to the streets to ask for money in the Palermo neighborhood, one of the richest in Buenos Aires. In addition, Ángel had the idea of ​​printing his CV to show it to anyone who gave him money.

Fortunately, the publication of Tolosa was quickly seen by another woman named Agustina Lemucchi, who quickly took to the streets to look for Ángel so that she could support him and his family through a foundation.

More people joined to help this man and his family, who were given a cell phone, food, clothing, among other things. They even helped them register little Bastian, since they had not done so as they did not have the money to pay for the procedure.

Thanks to this, the family has been able to access a couple of government grants, and best of all, Ángel received several job offers and apparently, a car company has hired him to work as a mechanic.

In addition, thanks to the help he received from the foundation and other people who learned about his story, the man was able to pay one more month’s rent, so he hopes to pay the next time with his first salary.

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