“She said no”, Danna Paola reveals that Belinda canceled duet

“She said no”, Danna Paola reveals that Belinda canceled duet | Instagram

The singer Danna Paola reveals that at the beginning it was planned to perform a duet with BelindaHowever, everything suddenly changed and finally the “pop star” ended up refusing.

Danna Paola, who has made various collaborations with important music figures revealed that he had always had the dream of being able to perform a duet with the interpreter of “Amor a primera vista”, since she is a singer whom he admires a lot for being the woman who it is and for its great trajectory.

However, in the end, the “Spanish” decided not to collaborate musically with the interpreter of “Sodio”, this was her reaction.

At some point we agreed that we were going to do a song, she said no and I said, ‘Well, perfect.’ I respect her a lot, I admire her for being the woman she is, for the career she has.

It was in an interview with the journalist Linet Puente, where the also “TV actress“Danna Paola, revealed this confession, as well as made known the reasons why she wanted to perform a duet with the” future wife of Christian Nodal “.

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The interpreter of “Do not dance alone”, said that she has a lot of respect for Belinda, also an actress of Netflx since she has conquered the world of entertainment and the music industry, he said.

On the other hand, the “composer” of 26 years, deeply regretted that they want to create a rivalry between her and Belinda pointed out.

It should be remembered that in recent days, the actress of the Netflix series “Elite” lived a strong controversy with her colleague after both posed with identical attire, something for which Danna Paola Rivera Munguía herself lacked great importance as to generate some discord between the two.

I tell you? It looks very pretty. Do you know what is the problem? That just when you don’t ask for explanations there it is, that is, it makes me laugh a lot. I say: Fuck! But what is the desire to want to compete?

It was in the last days when the owner of five albums, including: My blue globe, Oceano, Chiquita pero picosa, Danna Paola and KO In addition, two extended plays: Danna Paola and Sie7e, released her record material a few months ago. .

However, after a leak, he did not give importance to the wardrobe he used, which was identical to one recently used by Belinda herself, after this, criticism and comparisons were not lacking on social networks.

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The actress of films such as “The simplest thing is to complicate everything”, Danna Paola Rivera Munguía, reacted to this controversy with a comment that would surprise many by showing great “maturity”.

There are many stylist in the world. We were both in Spain, it looks great, you can also buy it if you want, it is from María Escoté. I took the photos when I dyed myself blonde, that day. Marketing takes an ingestion long in advance when you release a single.

Also, the Mexican, famous for acting in children’s novels such as “María Belén”, “Dare to dream” “Rayito de luz” and many others, said that “there should be no exclusivities in things.”

Let’s use it all, there are no exclusivities in things, for the love of God.

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Apparently, the rumors that have starred both artists are not so recent but for a very long time, more than a year ago, and although in March 2020 they published a photograph together, the “bad tongues” state that they do not want to share concerts or recordings .

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