She opens her raincoat, Alexa Dellanos shows how cold she was

Opens her raincoat, Alexa Dellanos shows how cold she was | INSTAGRAM

The beautiful american model Alexa Dellanos is in The Angels and he showed that the city is getting very cold by sharing that he needs to wear a raincoat to protect himself and also showing off his figure.

But he showed it more physically because when he opened his trench coat We were able to appreciate the effects that the cold has on his figure as well as having once again pampered his fans with the images.

Alexa’s entertainment pieces are always focused on their fans enjoying every second of the images, so this video worked perfectly, once again attracting the attention of hundreds of thousands of Internet users.

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Followers of the young influencer They have been growing lately and it is almost 4 million so we will surely have a celebration very soon and we will be sharing it around here.

For her it is very important to be able to continue growing but above all maintaining a close relationship with her audience, something that brands are interested in because it is in this way that they get many of their followers to buy their products.

Of course, Instagram stories play a very important role for these promotions and there, apart from placing photos and videos of his private life, he also shares some products that he receives and that he uses with great pleasure.

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It is for this reason that she always looks pretty, she always has nice sets of clothes and is always more than on for a photo shoot to continue sharing on the Internet.

There is no doubt that Alexa Dellanos is the queen of social networks and has managed to win over Internet users with her charisma, her pretty face and of course an enviable figure.

In Show News we will continue to share the best of Alexa, the beautiful daughter of Mirka Dellanos, a popular Telemundo presenter, who by the way are both very beautiful and are very loved by viewers, who consider that they are so beautiful that they even look like sisters.

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