She loaned her womb to a couple who wanted twins but regretted having them weeks before their birth

A 30-year-old woman from Canada named Cathleen MacKenzie has become a “true angel” to many couples who want to have children. and that for some reason they cannot, well Since she was 17 years old, she started working in a surrogate mother agency and therefore, has lent her womb and has given birth 9 times to little ones that will make another family happy.

Cathleen, who is married and the mother of 4 children, She commented in an interview for The Sun newspaper that from a very young age she has always been attracted to the topic and process of pregnancy and every time she has lived it she has felt great emotion and joy.

Although at first her husband did not understand the reasons for being a surrogate mother, he finally ended up supporting her to continue with her work, doing what she liked the most and above all, because she likes to help others.

In 2010, Cathleen met Alice and James, a British couple, whom she first came into contact with on an online surrogate mother forum.

After much trying, the couple failed to conceive, so heThey asked Cathleen if she wanted to be their surrogate mother, proposal that he accepted without question. But at that time there was a problem, since MacKenzie, at that time was not of legal age and therefore could not rent her belly.

So between the 3 of them they decided that Cathleen would carry out the gestation with her own eggs, using James’s sperm.

The deal was closed and the couple decided to give Cathleen a monthly payment to cover food and clothing. At 8 weeks gestation, the doctor told her that she was pregnant with twins and even, it indicated to him that a “selective reduction” could be practiced so that it only gave birth to a baby; however, the couple were very excited to have 2 children.

But the situation got complicated just when Cathleen was going through the 12th week of pregnancy, when she discovered that the marriage had not made any payment and 8 weeks later, Alice broke any contact with her.

Days later, James wrote to Cathleen, stating that he and Alice had separated but they still wanted to become parents. But this position changed at the 27th week of gestation, when they both notified her that they were no longer interested in the babies.

Cathleen and her husband couldn’t believe what had happened; However, their first thought was to stay with the twins, despite the fact that their financial situation was very difficult and they lived in a very small house.

A friend close to them He told them that he knew another couple, Sophie and Vincent, who were eager to adopt the babies. Taking the necessary precautions given the ordeal, they finally agreed to give them to her, of course, following all the legal guidelines to finalize the adoption.

Cathleen gave birth prematurely, at week 33, and was always accompanied by Sophie. Eventually, the couple got the babies, whom they named Claire and David. Cathleen, meanwhile, said she never felt that these children belonged to her, unlike what she experienced when her own children were born.

Since then, Cathleen has been a surrogate mother four more times, both gestationally and traditionally. She had two more children with Josh and a little one with Scott, her second partner.

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