She is kicked out of the house for her sexual preferences, raises over $ 150,000 and spends it on luxuries

What began as a story of family rejection and social empathy ended up becoming a great disappointment that some have even called a great scam.

It turns out that a couple of months ago, a 22 year old Italian girl named Malika Chalhi touched the hearts of many after he made public that his own mother had sent him a series of threats on social networks, and all because of his sexual preferences.

Malika told various national and international media that she had been kicked out of her house by her parents after she confessed that she was a lesbian.

After this 22-year-old girl’s case became public, one of her cousins ​​decided to open two pages to raise funds for the girl so that she could “rebuild her life.” Many were moved by the case and on one of the websites, they managed to raise the equivalent of $ 142,000 dollars, while at the other site about $ 13,000.

When it seemed that the story would have a happy ending, Chalhi became the target of strong criticism a couple of days ago after he posted on social networks A photo of her driving a Deserve Benz A-Class car was shared, prompting some to speculate that she acquired the luxury car with the proceeds.

The girl came out to say that the vehicle belonged to her partner’s family, with whom she now lives in Milan; However, everything seems to indicate that what he said was a lie, so he had no choice but to tell the truth.

“I wanted to treat myself. I bought a good car, I could have bought a small one and I did not. If I lied about the car, it’s because they locked me up, they put me in a closet, “he said.

But the controversy does not end there. It is also said that he acquired a French bulldog, which cost about $ 2,600.

This has caused many people who originally supported her to turn their backs on her.

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