After Lara Jean broke his heart, John Ambrose McClaren found love in a new girl, we tell you who she is!

In the sequel to ‘To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before, Lara Jean finds herself in a love triangle when she reunites with her friend and childhood crush, John Ambrose McClaren. Despite the fact that the protagonist is madly in love with her boyfriend, Peter Kavinsky, some doubts begin to arise in her heart when she attends Belleview with John to do her social service.

However, at the end of ‘P.D. I Still Love You ‘, Lara Jean decides on Kavinsky and puts her romance with McClaren aside. But what about him in the third installment?

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She is John’s girlfriend in « Forever, Lara Jean »

After finishing high school, Lara Jean, Peter, Lucas, Chris and Genevieve go with the rest of their classmates on a generation trip to the beach, where they meet John Ambrose with his new girlfriend named Dipti. Lara Jean describes her as follows:

“She is taller than me, sporty-looking, shoulder-length black hair, dark-skinned, maybe Indian. He has a nice white tooth smile and a dimple. He wears baggy white silk pants and sandals. « 

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Lara Jean gets the impression that Dipti is a good girl, as John Ambrose looks extremely happy by her side. What actress can you imagine giving life to Dipti?

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