She feels like a queen, Karol G looks beautiful and expresses herself deeply

She feels like a queen, Karol G looks beautiful and expresses herself deeply (INSTAGRAM)

She feels like a queen, Karol G looks beautiful and expresses herself deeply | INSTAGRAM

Amid the rumors and everything that is happening around Karol G, the beautiful Colombian singer decided to express herself deeply about how she feels about her career and her life today.

This was done through his official account Instagram where she wrote a nice reflection on what she thought when she was a child and saw artists on television.

Karol talks about how she used to dream of being a big on music and he even wrote once that his dream was to arrive like a princess on a red carpet and feel like one.

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However, currently this was fulfilled and much beyond what was already imagined, since it felt like a whole Queen with the dress of her dreams and of course a magical presentation full of talented women and her great success Tusa, which has marked a generation, could not be missed.

Thanks to this, Karol G invites us to dream big while we watch television, to love the process that is the experience that will help us fulfill all our dreams and goals, it also invites us to take risks; since the future is ours and the opinions of others do not matter as long as we do what makes us happy.

All this is written in a beautiful text that we invite you to read in his latest publication on his official Instagram, where he also thanks us very much for all the support he has received from his fans throughout his career, which is now so successful.

Along with the text we can also appreciate a photograph of her presentation, in which she felt so good and made wearing an ornate blouse and pants with many pink details, with which she looks quite beautiful and above all empowered, since she is a of female singers that represents the power she has and now much more with her great bichota success with which she is making history as well as with her great work since she began.

As usual, Karol G’s snapshots raised the temperature in networks where thousands were delighted with her natural beauty, much more because there she still wore her natural hair and not the blue one she wears now.

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Let us remember that this change of look that Karol G made, fascinated and enchanted thousands of Internet users, as well as his fervent followers on his official Instagram account, who do not stop flirting with him in the comment box, and we can not imagine how Your direct message inbox must be full, all thanks to your imposing, natural s3nsual1dad.

The famous musical artist, we were quite used to her hair in dark and light brown tones, but, this time, Karol G decided to give a totally unexpected twist to the color, and dyed it blue, making it a perfect complement to her outfit.

Another quite important topic to mention is Anuel AA, Karol’s partner, who has become synonymous with success, dedication and one of the greatest celebrities in reggaeton music and Latin trap, however, it seems that he will soon leave If so, it seems that he announced that he was retiring from music.

The 28-year-old singer shared a video on social networks where he performed a song, one by Eminem, but in his version, he dedicates the song to his little son, with it he supposedly announces his retirement from music, because According to the lyrics of the melody, he neglected his son a lot, who even affirms that he thinks more of his followers than of him.

Many relate it to the alleged break with Karol G, however, we can only wait to see what happens and if there is a statement about it.