She does not need a blouse, Daniella Chávez made an impact in a flirtatious video

She does not need a blouse, Daniella Chávez made an impact in a flirtatious video | INSTAGRAM

The beautiful Chilean model Daniella Chávez does not stop surprising her beloved audience and this time sharing a video in which she appears showing off in front of her cell phone camera in only black pants and a shoe of the same color.

The video clip arrived and shocked the entire Internet at the moment that she began to move her charms in such a way that it hypnotized those who watched the piece of entertainment.

There is no doubt that she does not need a shirt to see herself pretty and much less in a video of this style that his audience considers a small taste of what you can see if you subscribe to his Only fans.

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There are many users who have already subscribed and who have seen these videos in a much more complete and uncovered way than what you can do on social networks, because there are no reasons not to show it all.

Despite the fact that there are only a few seconds of video, the faithful followers were very convinced that for this reason Daniella Chávez is their favorite model, a influencer that came to conquer Internet users and that at the moment already has more than 14.5 million followers.

But the model not only knows how to model in front of the camera and look in photographs and videos, but she is also very good at decorations. In fact, at the moment she is buying various furniture for her apartment located in Miami Florida.

The young woman had always dreamed of living in that town and now that she is able to do so, she is enjoying her apartment to the fullest, adorning it with the best accessories and at the moment releasing her own Jacuzzi, which by the way came with lights included that glow to the rhythm of the music.

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Of course, in his stories, he led us by the hand, even behind the scenes, letting us know a little more about his life, and he shared that he had a meeting in the pool and that they had a great time, besides that he already installed his jacuzzi and is ready to go. release it so very soon they will open videos and photos of that.

He also showed us his gym and took us to a restaurant, where he had the opportunity to watch a soccer game and enjoy it to the fullest.

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