She denounces her former police partner for threatening her with a gun and shooting her in an argument

A santigueña police officer it was reported by his ex-partner, fed up with the harassment, physical abuse and threats she suffered.

“I want to publicly denounce this person and expose verbal, physical and psychological abuse towards me. He is a public official and he hides behind the police uniform stating that they will not do anything to him, « said the woman, who first reported the agent to the provincial police and later, through her account. Facebook.

The young woman, called Marta Saavedra, accused the police officer Lucas José Garay, who works at the 23rd police station in the city of Cold.

Saavedra assured that during the two years that the relationship with the agent lasted, she was subjected to « beatings and psychological abuse », as well as « twice threats with his service weapon”.

“On one of those occasions he made shot to the floor, near my foot and I did not make a complaint at that time because I was terrified that something serious would happen to me, « he said.

Since the relationship ended, Garay has not stopped harassing her: he sends her messages insulting her and accusing her to have romantic relationships with colleagues.

In addition, the agent went viral for Whatsapp Y Facebook intimate photos that the young woman had sent him while they were a couple.

The victim made the complaint on February 14 and seeing that he had no answers, he decided to make the situation public

« I request the Justice to take action on the matter, since this person is very violent. I make this release publicly because I am afraid of what may happen to me, I no longer get a response from the people who are supposed to give me a solution, « he concluded.