More and more reality TV candidates are doing cosmetic surgery. Mammoplasty, rhinoplasty, injections… discover Jessica Thivenin’s next operation.

There are no longer any candidates for reality TV who have yielded to the call of cosmetic surgery. If previously they preferred not to discuss their operations, today they assume everything and exhibit their transformations on social networks.

Jessica wants to rebuild her buttocks

Very comfortable with her physique and her many operations, Jessica Thivenin shared her next desire. Friday September 11, 2020, she revealed to her 5.6 million Instagram followers that she wanted to rebuild her buttocks. Indeed, since giving birth, the young woman finds that her buttocks are too flat.

She also confided:

There I see myself on TV in my white shorts… (…) I said to myself no it’s not possible I don’t love myself.

Sport, not enough?

If the pretty blonde is very sporty and maintains her dream figure, that does not prevent her from seriously considering this operation. Indeed, she thought she would gain volume through targeted sports exercises but unfortunately this is not the case. The candidate still focuses as much on her complex:

No matter how much I play sports, they don’t grow (…) It looks like a board (…) Since I have the means to do it, I will not deprive myself of it. I think about it more and more.

Jessica Thivenin: she announces her next surgery

Shortly after giving birth to her son Maylone, the LMvsMonde5 candidate could not have an operation because her doctor had forbidden to carry out heavy operations to preserve his health. His fans sent him many messages of support, words that touched Thibault Garcia’s wife who thanked them.

“Excess” operations

If Jessica Thivenin did have recourse to cosmetic surgery, she speaks today of “nonsense”. Indeed, she regrets having had certain parts of her body redone. Like his chest, chin and mouth. She also recommends that the young girls who follow her don’t make the same mistakes than by pointing out the physical complexes caused by social networks.

What do you think of this next operation?