Shattered? Kim Kardashian shows how she copes with her divorce

Businesswoman and rapper Kanye West are ending their love and living a dark moment

After being confirmed that Kim kardashian she finally filed for divorce from her husband of seven years, Kanye west, a source revealed how the businesswoman feels.

Recently a source confessed to the magazine People who Kim Kardashian he meets his family and is « Ready to move on. »

Another source assured the portal that the model « it’s fine. She is sad, but ready to move on.  » Furthermore, it was commented that their marriage had been in shambles for a long time. Just as rumored.

“Their marriage has been broken for a long time. Kim feels like she has done everything she can to save him. Filing for divorce is something you have been thinking about for a long time. He has also feared it. He really has really done his best to prevent it, ”added the source.

Notably, the fashion icon hoped this could be resolved, but finally there is a divorce plan and she is living on her own before the legal separation from Kanye West.

“Last year, I was hoping they could figure things out somehow. However, in recent weeks, it has become clear that everything was done. Although there is still love, they are too different and have different visions for the future, « added the insider.