Sharon Stone criticizes Meryl Streep

Sharon Stone criticizes Meryl Streep, it can be read in many headlines. The “Low Instincts” actress commented on the actress’s iconography and the pedestal on which she has been placed in Hollywood despite the fact that there are other actresses just as talented as her, as mentioned by Sharon, Viola Davis, Emma Thompson, Judy Davis , Olivia Colman and Kate Winslet.

Sharon Stone criticizes Meryl Streep

According to HuffPost, on Tuesday, the 63-year-old actress went viral thanks to a tip to Meryl Streep that was resurfaced by a profile on Zoomer, from Stone’s new memoir, “The Beauty of Living Twice.”

In the report published last month, writer Johanna Schneller unleashed what she described as a “galactic wormhole” when she asked Sharon Stone about that part of her book where she writes about working with the multi-Oscar winner at the film, ‘The Laundromat’ from 2019.

In Stone’s autobiography, Schneller said, the actress wrote that Hollywood and society at large turns women against each other.

“It was put to us as it could only have been for one” – wrote Stone in relation to Meryl Streep.

“I find that fascinating,” Scheneller told Stone of that particular passage, “So when you finally got to work with Meryl Streep, you realized -“

Schneller says Sharon interrupted her.

“I love the way you put that, that I was finally able to work with Meryl Streep,” Stone said. “You didn’t say, ‘Meryl was finally able to work with Sharon Stone.’ Or we could finally work together. “

Stone went on to tell the reporter that the way she asked the question is part of the problem.

“The business was set up for us to envy and admire Meryl because only Meryl can be the best” – said Stone. “And everyone should compete against Meryl. I believe that Meryl is a wonderful and incredible woman and actress. But in my opinion, frankly, there are other actresses just as talented as Meryl Streep. All that Streep iconography is part of what Hollywood does to women. “

“Viola Davis is every part of who Meryl Streep is. Emma Thompson. Judy Davis. Olivia Colman. Kate Winslet, for God’s sake. But you say Meryl and everyone falls to the ground. “

LOL! Sorry, but I felt a little envious … just a little bit. Also, who is the most awarded here?

“I’m a much better villain than Meryl. And I’m sure she would say it too. Meryl wasn’t going to be good at “Low Instincts” or “Casino.”

“This is how we are prepared to think,” Stone said, referring to Schneller’s initial question. “Because I could never … touch the heights … We are all labeled the Queen of Something. I am the queen of obscenity. She’s the queen of It! We all have to sit in our assigned seats. Are you kidding me? If we worked in a supermarket, she can’t always be cashier number one. We’re all doing our jobs. “

Bahahahahahaha … excuse moi, but being a villain doesn’t make you an excellent actress. And speaking of excellent villains, where is Glenn Close? Because Sharon did not mention her, and that she has been is a very excellent villain. HA! It doesn’t even compare with that joke, right?

“That way of expressing himself has been taught,” concluded Sharon. “They have taught us that not everyone has a seat at the table. Once one is chosen, no one else can enter there. “

Sharon is right in that they always put women to compete with each other, you always hear or read things like they hate each other, there is rivalry … that’s what they have accustomed us to.

But this is not the first time that Sharon Stone has spoken of Meryl Streep publicly. In 2010, Stone told Tatler magazine that the reason the “Devil Wears Fashion” actress gets so many jobs is because Streep looks like “an unmade bed” and it’s “because she looks like a woman to which we can feel related to. “

Meryl Streep Venice Film Festival 2019

Meryl Streep Venice Film Festival 2019

“I look at her and think, ‘I’m chasing my kids, I brought my parents to live with me, I’m dealing with food pills – she looks like me in real life,” Stone said of Meryl’s look at the time.

WTF? I mean, I’m sexy and pretty and Meryl looks ugly and scruffy, so normal. LOL! ENVY! Stone later said those comments were a joke and had been taken out of context.

sharon stone tribeca film festival 2021

sharon stone tribeca film festival 2021



Bahahahahahaha … sorry, but she sounded so envious. It is true, there are actresses who are very talented and as talented as Meryl, but that you do not play villain roles does not mean that it is not excellent, she looks for roles that reward her. I personally don’t like Sharon, I always see her the same, divine but bad. It’s like the eternal villain. I like Meryl’s work because her characters are always different, I don’t see Meryl, I see the character. Of course, this is my personal opinion thank you very much, you can leave yours in the comments.

So, how about Farandulistas? The Sharon Stone report criticizes Meryl Streep. It’s a direct indirect attack … LOL! Such was the reaction that Sharon put on her twitter:

“To be clear: Meryl Streep is one of the greatest actresses of all time. Just not to the exclusion of others. Sharon Stone.

Meanwhile, Queen Viola Davis wishes Meryl Streep happy birthday. “How could I have missed wishing this beauty, this Queen, a great birthday !!!



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