Brandon Peniche is happy because he will be a dad for the second time with Kristal Cid, daughter of actress Sharis Cid.

The family shared the news on their social networks with a tender photograph and messages of joy.

Brandon, son of Arturo Peniche, expressed his great love for Kristal and how excited he is for the arrival of the new member to the family.

“I chose you because you make me happy. Because I can tell you everything, because you make me feel like no other. Because you know everything about me and still accept me. Because at the end of the day you are the one with whom I want to share my bed and at dawn it is your face that I want to see. Thank you for this my second most incredible surprise in life because the first one was #alessia. I love you SO MUCH @kriscid and I love the family we are forming. time”.

Sharis Cid, 49, also She expressed her happiness at becoming a grandmother for the second time soon.

“With all the love of my heart with immense happiness, I share with you that thanks to my mouse and my bran I will be a grandmother for the second time. or little sister thank you my God, “it reads.