Sharing chains on Facebook and WhatsApp does not save you from their terms

In recent days, Internet users have reacted virally, sharing a chain against WhatsApp’s terms, which were recently renewed (causing many users to turn to alternatives such as Telegram). As well, the reality is that sending this message to your contacts does not exonerate you from complying with the requirements that are set forth in the conditions of use.

A paragraph is also being disseminated in which Facebook is accused of wanting to use our images without our permission, even arguing that this information could be used in lawsuits against us.

This is what the message related to WhatsApp looks like (via La Voz de Michoacán):

This fake chain is circulating on WhatsApp.

The one that talks about Mark Zuckerberg’s social network shares the same characteristics and is an almost exact copy of the previous text, with the sole exception that all mentions of the instant messaging service are replaced with the name « Facebook ».

Why is it useless?

To get started, just look at how both paragraphs are written. A common mistake in this type of deception is that those who share them neglect an essential aspect when it comes to sharing important information: the spelling. It would be very strange if a formal statement had so many (indeed, so many) exclamation points and capital letters. Besides, of course, just by seeing « Whatsapp » we should realize that something is wrong.

Then come the dates. It may be important to clarify that, if the terms are read carefully, it is known to emphasize that the updated rule set goes into effect on February 8. However, this letter only says « tomorrow the new rule begins. » When is « tomorrow »? It doesn’t sound convincing at all.

Sharing chains does not change or block the effect of the WhatsApp terms of use.

Another aspect to highlight is the obviousness: it is logical that if a message is real, those who wrote it will not waste time clarifying « THIS IS REAL » (it sounds like something Homer Thomp would do … sorry, Simpson).

Finally, it should be noted that this chain against the terms of WhatsApp and Facebook is useless because what you write in the green balloon app is completely encrypted (via) and they could not care less if you authorize (or not) something that you do not affects in the least. In addition, the data that is collected is purely for advertising purposes, but this is not a matter of alarm either.

Remember not to support the growth of misinformation.

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