Share the trailer of the documentary series ‘Playing with Power: The Nintendo Story’

Photo: They share the trailer for the documentary series ‘Playing with Power: The Nintendo Story’ / .

Has been shared trailer of ‘Playing with Power: The Nintendo Story’, a new documentary series which will provide a glimpse into the legacy and history of the video game company.

During its 132 years of existence, Nintendo has remained one of the most successful video game companies. The Japanese giant built its great success on 1985 after the launch of Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), the pioneering video game console that introduced millions of gamers to Mario, a character who continues to expand his influence on popular culture.

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Despite its international renown, Nintendo he continues to have a notoriously secretive aura around him. Now a new Serie documentary film seeks to show the secrets of the company throughout its history.

IGN has launched the trailer of the five-part documentary series under the name, ‘Playing With Power: The Nintendo Story’, following the humble rise of the company during the 19th century as a card company to become the video game giant.

The documentary series is narrated by Sean AstinIn addition to including interviews with famous video game fans and executives.

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Rather than resort to the nostalgia many might expect, the series will delve into the company’s history of lawsuits, monopoly ambitions, and unhealthy competition with other industry giants such as Atari Y Microsoft.

The documentary series will have its premiere next March 1st on the platform Crackle.