Share on video Noelia the secret of her enormous charms

Noelia shares the secret of her enormous charms on video | Instagram

Without a doubt the singer Noelia always ends up surprising us with her content on Instagram, for her it is more than easy to get her followers to be delighted with her content because she boasts her figure like no one else, just as she did in her new publication showing her secret to show off her later charms.

It was through her Instagram where the beautiful hazel-eyed celebrity shared the latter video while working out and letting us see a bit of his exercise routine.

Noelia he was on the floor, with his legs crossed in a “four” position while doing a kind of push-up a little lighter so to speak.

The interpreter of “Candle“He wrote in his description” Morning of exercises and Tuesday of tacos “, when doing so much exercise for the singer it would be fair that she also indulge in certain tastes, it could be considered as a balance in her life.

It should be noted that Noelia performs various activities throughout the day, it is perhaps something fair that on some occasions she can enjoy other things such as fast food.

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Ten hours ago he shared this video and it already has more than 41 thousand views and also already has 136 comments, many of them were written with love and admiration.

The singer is wearing white leggings in addition to a pink top, both are tight and highlight her beautiful figure, thanks to the position in which she is very striking because she is turning her back to the camera so her figure immediately stands out. the view of Internet users.

Something that adds something special to her video is that the singer is next to a mirror so we see her in a double way, something that surely fascinated her followers.

The popularity of Noelia has not diminished a bit, for more than 20 years she began her career as a singer, later she ventured as a businesswoman and model of her own line of Noelicious.

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How good Noelia is divine “,” Nice and very blessed Tuesday for the most beautiful doll in the universe, what a great body you have, princess, I send you kisses, “wrote some fans.

This is not the first time that the singer and businesswoman shares content related to exercise, but without a doubt it is always surprising to see her again because she always has something different that manages to attract attention.

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