Share Kimberly Loaiza party video for Kima!

Share Kimberly Loaiza party video for Kima! | Instagram

The Biggest Cuteness Kimberly Loaiza in the company of her husband Juan de Dios Pantoja recently shared a video where they throw an inflatable party for their little daughter Kima Sofia.

Surely his followers were excited to see a video of more than 54 minutes where the images of both celebrities are shown next to their two young children, especially due to the fact of how exciting and tender it is to see them as a family.

It was through a video that he shared Kimberly loaiza on his YouTube channel, this has the title: “We made a party for Kima and Juanito | Jukilop | Kimberly Loaiza “, we’ll share it with you right away.

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The video was shared three days ago, it is somewhat surprising to see the reaction that the couple’s followers have, especially due to the fact that the reproductions have exceeded the videos they make individually or as a couple, there is no doubt that by including their children in their videos, they become even more famous.

To this day, his video has 12,880,937 views, not just any youtuber can boast this figure in just three days, it has been precisely for this reason too, that the couple has been criticized once again, since they are told that they use their children at their convenience, in order to have more views, they make videos where they appear.

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However, it should be noted that since the couple who is also known as Jukilop began to record videos for the YouTube platform they have shared part of their day to day and private things in their lives, it is more than logical that they also wanted to share videos next to their children as it is this time.

That is something that has also not bothered their fandom that adores them and that at the same time has grown together with them these five years since the first video of Kim Loaiza was shared.

In this new video we can see in less than an hour a whole day with the Pantoja Loaiza family, since they wake up and how they share breakfast together, although of course it is only a small part of an entire day, the family is always happy and united Therefore, when his millions of followers have the opportunity to see his content on social networks or YouTube, they get excited.

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As you well know, Kim Loaiza usually shares entertaining content and for years she has chosen to make videos with her family, make challenges or record some entertaining ideas that generate content for her fans.

As happened with this “inflatable party” for Kima, who is the princess of the house, while they dressed her in her swimsuit and skirt to go to breakfast, they did the same with little Juanito or Mini JD, who is only two months old, or rather was at the time of recording the video.

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There were several inflatables that were in one of the gardens of the house in which they are staying in Acapulco, which Kim and Juan mentioned that it was perfect because it had access to the beach and an especially beautiful view, the latter in One of the shots that were taken we were able to see a little of the view in the main bedroom.

Kima was very happy to see the inflatables and play a little with all of them, later they went to the pool because the sun was a bit strong and to end the video Juan de Dios and El Super Trucha inflated a yacht and got They went into the sea a bit to finish with a beautiful sunset.

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