Shang-Chi: Fans went crazy with the return of Wong and Abomination in the new trailer – Tomatazos

Yesterday a new trailer for Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings came out that has given much to talk about. People were very surprised to see a dragon in it, also to see the official version of the Mandarin of the MCU in action. After the disappointment we saw in Iron Man 3 – 79% fans have been defensive when it comes to that character. Apparently the new version has them quite pleased. Also see the protagonist in action. Everything seems to indicate that the first martial arts film of the MCU is going to be a visual delight not only in the sense in which we are used, but in the choreography of the action scenes.

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That said, there is something that took Marvel fans by surprise: the return of Wong and Abomination. It is something that we could only see a few seconds in the trailer, but that nobody expected. We don’t know if Tim Roth is going to play him again, but that is most likely the case because he has already confirmed that he will do so in the She-Hulk series.

The truth is that nobody imagined that from all the corners of the MCU right in this film we were going to be able to see more of the ally of Doctor Strange and the classic villain of Hulk. Saying it was unexpected does not capture all that surprise involved. It’s interesting to think what kind of surprise the film is going to have if they already revealed something of that caliber in the trailer. Since this is Marvel, we can really expect anything. In one of those, a character from Netflix’s Marvel series like Iron Fist appears. It will be a matter of waiting.

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Going back to Wong and Abomination, fans of course used their social media to talk about this. At this point there are even some memes. Here are the best reactions to this unusual fight that no one saw coming:

Abomination is back in Shang-Chi. Give me a moment.

Abomintation vs. a sorcerer? Yes, Shang-Chi is already the best of the MCU.

Yes. They put Abomination fighting a wizard.

Wong content! We move Wong Nation!

A giant animal, a huge dragon, the return of Abomination and some rare and colorful battle ring thing. Yes, I am already loving Shang-Chi.

Stephen was turned to dust and Wong ran to the clubs.

How about this during the snap and Wong couldn’t make money any other way?

Abomination? Against Wong?

Abomination vs. Wong… It’s something I never thought I’d see.

The Shang-Chi trailer showed us all both Abomination and Wong. If that’s what they taught us now, imagine you might be booking for the movie.

It is impossible to deny that this last statement could have some reason. Marvel is famous for keeping their secrets and they would never show one like this in a trailer without having something much more surprising in store for the movie. It must be reiterated that the appearance of Iron Fist or some other character related to the world of Marvel martial arts is something that should not be dismissed lightly.

Where the movie is probably not going to do so well is in China. The first trailer received some criticism in that country. For example, this is the following the Twitter user said @JinXiao

The root of the Shang-Chi problem is the Sino-American conflict. Is Shang-Chi Chinese or American? Is he loyal to China or the United States? Will he dare to fight the United States to defend China? This is an American movie so the answer is self explanatory. I’m pretty sure this movie will minimize these elements and avoid conflicts, but these conflicts have not gone away. They still exist outside of the movie and as the Sino-American competition grows more and more serious.

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