Shang-Chi and Free Guy will be on the billboard for 45 days before hitting streaming

In the world before the ravages of Covid-19, films lasted 90 days on the billboard before being released in any other way. Because of that, at that time Netflix could not release its movies on the major networks because they were not willing to negotiate this. In today’s world, cinemas have been hit hard because not everyone has been willing to lock themselves in a movie theater with strangers who might be infected just to see the latest release.

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Disney was fully aware and that is why it implemented the hybrid strategy of Premier Access; in other words, release the movies in theaters and at the same time on Disney Plus for an extra price that is not included in the subscription. In a call with investors (via Collider) Disney has revealed that it will already try to release some films only in theaters, but there is going to be a catch. They’re going to have a shortened release window of just 45 days, half what would have been normal.

What movies have you chosen for this experiment? Ryan Reynolds’ Free Guy and the highly anticipated Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings. Disney is a company known for avoiding risk, so this strategy makes sense. In the world before the pandemic, cinemas would never have allowed this, but now the rules of the game are no longer the same. If this fails, you can be sure that your other premieres will be in a hybrid way or directly on Disney Plus, as they already did with Soul – 97%.

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In that same meeting Bob chapek, the CEO of Disney, revealed what is the strategy of the company in terms of releases in this fiscal year and why they only mentioned those two films:

Of course, 90% of the domestic market is open right now. And we are hopeful, thanks to surveys, that this percentage will grow in the future, but if you look at last week’s box office, to name an example, and compare it with the previous three years box office when it did not exist Covid-19, we are 85 below domestically and 67 below in the international market. So we know that the market is not there yet. So Disney’s Premier Access strategy… One of the things that it gives us right now, and we’re grateful for that, is the ability to keep moving forward and launch things on the market, and resist the push, if you want to see it. , but at the same time we know that for those consumers who still have reluctance to go to a wood room, they can go about their business and watch the movie from the safety and convenience of their home. In terms of going further in this fiscal year, we have not announced exactly what our strategy will be in terms of which titles are going to be released in theaters and on Disney Premier Access, which are going directly to Disney Plus and which are only going to be released in theaters, but you should know that we will continue to see the evolution of the recovery of the movie theater market and we will use that flexibility to make the right decision at the right time. But right now we are only going to use those films in this fiscal year because of the relative natural fluidity of the recovery of the theaters.

As you can see, we are still far from fully recovering the old custom of going in large numbers to a movie theater to see the last big premiere. Disney is aware of this and that is why they are making the wisest decisions they can. That’s the style of the mouse company, actually. When they risk releasing more films, it will be a sign that the situation is more stable.

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