Shakira does not forgive her mother-in-law for convincing her of the worst look of her life

In her case, the conclusion that she has reached from looking at old photographs of her is that she was abusing her makeup and that she will never cut her hair again. In general, the Colombian is very favored in an event that she attended in January 2012 to receive a tribute from the French Ministry of Culture dressed in an Alaïa dress, one of her favorite brands, but she is horrified by the short hair she wore in that time.

“What a bad haircut. This was the advice of my mother-in-law, who told me: ‘Oh, why don’t you cut your hair, it’s badly treated.’ The worst mistake of my life. I won’t follow your aesthetic advice again , mother-in-law “, revealed referring to the mother of the footballer Gerard Hammered.

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