Shadow Complex Remastered for PS4 is updated, and is already backwards compatible with PS5

The list of non-backward compatible games for the console gets a bit smaller.

Shadow Complex: Remastered

PlayStation 5 is now available worldwide, and one of the highlights ahead of its launch is its near-total backward compatibility with PS4 games. We say “almost” because, except for just 10 games, all titles in the previous catalog are compatible with the new console. And, of those 10 titles, one of them just put a solution to your problems. Shadow Complex: Remastered announces that it is now backward compatible with PS5.

Through Twitter, the game’s official account confirms the launch of a new patch which enables next-gen game compatibility: “Our team has patched Shadow Complex Remastered for PS4 and! is now playable on PlayStation 5! “, comment those responsible. Additional work by the studio, so that players can continue to enjoy this 2016 remastering.

Developed by Chair Entertainment, with Epic Games as its publisher, Shadow Complex Remastered offers an exciting metroidvania adventure that combines military action with science fiction and political plots, in a secret facility in the United States. All based on the works Orson Scott Card. A little gem that comes from the Xbox 360 catalog, which we talked about in our Shadow Complex review.

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