Sezar Blue, the cannibal youtuber who invented Forocoches and splashed Ibai

A thread born in Forocoches, Sezar Blue, a food youtuber accused of murder and cannibalism, Twitter and Ibai Llanos. The story that occupies the attention of the internet universe has everything to become a successful Netflix series except for one small detail: is a lie.

Forocoches humor is well known to everyone. But, in this case, the reality is that history has gotten out of hand, generating a war on social networks. Born in the aforementioned forum, the hoax, which did not seem like it was going to get out of there, transcended to Twitter from the hand of a reader who, without proof, affirmed that everything that was said was real. His moment of fame, many have said. But an innocent retweet and parallel thread of Ibai Llanos, the hand of the internet that everything it touches turns to gold, has escalated this topic to become the talk of the net.

Now, the world of Forocoches has thrown itself on top of Twitter for bad practices; and the same in reverse. Others simply point out that, regardless of the platform in question, the crisis is in the users and the indiscriminate use of hoaxes on the net. And to the hypocrisy of both universes.

Sezar Blue, Bitechus and, now, a real crime

It all started with two protagonists: Sezar Blue, a well-known food-loving youtuber, and Bitelchus, a car forum known for also being a gastronomy lover and king of online trolleys. The latter is popular on the platform for its unfortunate jokes related to cannibalism in multiple threads.

For a long time, Forocoches has related these two characters to believe them the same person. Some fake photos, videos – many of them faked – or comments on Sezar Blue videos have pointed to this fact. Also for some time, Bitelchus himself has insisted that this information is not true. Specifically, Adriá Sánchez analyzes in a Twitter thread that the only relationship between the two characters is that they live in Madrid and have the same pot for cooking.

The quacker of Alcalá de Henares

The only certain part of this internet-born story is that, at the beginning of 2019, Manuel MA, a 42-year-old man, was arrested for killing and dismembering his partner in Alcalá de Henares. After the murder, the man lived with the body in the house’s freezer for 15 months.

What is the relationship between this murder and Sezar Blue? According to Forocoches, the food youtuber was the owner of the house where the crime in question was committed. The basis for this reasoning? A video of an interview published at that time with the owner of the house – who declared that he did not know any information about the murder – in which the resemblance between him and Sezar may be reasonable. Was Sezar Blue the owner of the home? There is no confirmation of this fact, but, if so, the owner would not have any fault for the events that occurred.

Be that as it may, and understanding that Sezar (Bitelchus for Forocoches) had a certain predisposition to comments on cannibalism, the story made itself. The platform thread began to theorize about the possibility that the real murderer of the young woman was Sezar to satisfy his taste for cannibalism.

Between joke and joke, the story was climbing levels until it became self-conscious. After all, it would never leave the universe of Forocoches.

Twitter and Ibai Llanos did their magic

Sezar Blue, YouTube

The problem about the Sezar Blue hoax is that it came out of Forocoches and the ended up on Twitter in style. A user of both social networks summarized the bizarre story of the youtuber in a Twitter thread – already deleted. Without any source or foundation, as is common in this type of event, he accused Sezar of murderer and cannibalism. The joke that tied the dots in a superficial way was beginning to be very real and to lose its humor, if it ever did.

This would have happened without pain or glory if Ibai Llanos had not ended up in that story. A simple retweet and a thread with additional captures blew up the internet. Those who believed the story, those who denied it, those who, knowing the origin, have charged against one of the greatest youtubers in Spain have gathered on Twitter to talk about the event. The most repeated comment: a person with 4 million followers has a responsibility for what he says and does on social networks.

Ibai sings the ‘mea culpa’

Before the owner of the Twitter thread pulled the story, Ibai had already realized his mistake. The youtuber removed the thread which continued the original story, but the problem was still on the table.

Given the repercussion that this fact has had on the networks, Ibai himself has spoken through his Twitter account about this issue:

Some have interpreted this tweet as a way to announce the departure of the youtuber from the Twitter universe. The reality is that it is a way to put an end to the latest controversy that has splashed on the influencer. Most likely, after this tweet, Ibai does not speak again on the subject in question. For its part, Sezar Blue has not made any statements on this matter either.

The influence of social networks and the problem of Fake News


The topic of Fake News on social networks is not something that catches anyone new. The history of Facebook or Twitter on this issue is well known. Zuckerberg’s platform is still trying to answer questions about the fake news that affected the voting decision for Brexit or the election of Donal Trump. These social networks have been fighting, since then, to control the network of trolls and creators of false news that they concentrate among their users.

And not just fake news, but his interference with conspiracy theories and deniers. Just a few weeks ago, Facebook, Twitter, and Google sat in front of the United States Congress to debate their role in the January takeover of the Capitol this year. On the table, the role of social networks, freedom of expression and its limits. And in the room, a reality: platforms or social networks have great power. Reddit already demonstrated it a few weeks ago when it got GameStop back to life on the stock market. At least for a few days.

The case of Sezar Blue and Ibai Llanos is yet another piece of something that, being a lie, can end up as truth released on social networks through the right hands.