Sexy: Prince Royce gives a video in underwear to his fans

On Monday Prince Royce turned 32 years old and, Contrary to what tradition dictates, he wanted to be the one who gives a ‘gift’ to all his fans through his Instagram account. The prince of bachata, as he has been known since his musical beginnings, has recorded himself in front of the mirror of his own home dancing in his underwear while brushing her teeth and has uploaded the video to her Stories to show that any excess that she may have been able to afford on such a special date has not taken a toll on her worked abs.

By the way, if anyone was wondering what underwear the singer is wearing, this publication has also served to find out: boxer briefs from the American Eagle brand.

Curiously, his wife Emeraude Toubia has also chosen to congratulate him through the virtual sphere a series of photographs in which both pose in swimsuits aboard a yacht, showing off their privileged physique. Already in his own profile, Prince wanted to say goodbye to his birthday with a selfie and the following reflection: “Another year of living, learning and growing! Thank you all for your good wishes”.

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