Iris Mittenaere just posted a photo of her in a yellow bikini! A swimsuit that Internet users fell in love with!

Hot ahead! This Saturday, August 1, 2020, Iris Mittenaere posted a beautiful photo of her in a two-piece swimsuit on Instagram! A yellow bikini that internet users love! MCE TV tells you more!

Since the start of her vacation in Greece, Iris Mittenaere has posted a lot of pictures of her in a swimsuit! So, last Thursday, la beautiful brunette posted a snapshot of herself in a yellow bikini which has captivated Internet users!

Indeed, they are very numerous to have asked the beautiful brunette where she got her swimsuit! So today the beauty queen responded to her community by reposting a photo of her in that same bikini!

“And for all those who asked me for the references of this Calzedonia jersey, here they are! ” Said the beautiful Iris Mittenaere in the caption of her post! Valuable information for everything that flashed on the bikini in question!

Iris Mittenaere posts photo of herself jumping in a swimming pool

Friday July 31, 2020, Iris Mittenaere posted a photo that literally impressed Internet users! Indeed, on the image in question, the beautiful brunette is in full glide! And for good reason, the young woman strikes a pose while she is diving into the pool!

A black and white photo that internet users loved ! Indeed, the post already has more than 100,000 likes on the social network and hundreds of comments! MCE TV also invites you to discover some of them!

“You really can do everything Iris Mittenaere, even fly! “” Wow! I don’t know who is more talented if it’s you or the photographer but hats off!! ✨✨ You make us travel – as often – and dream, Thank you! You are beautiful ! “

Can we read on the social network of the beautiful brunette! A shot of Iris that we suggest you admire below!

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A post shared by Iris Mittenaere (@irismittenaeremf) on Jul 31, 2020 at 1:11 am PDT

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