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The Chelsea player was involved in an incident at his home with a model.

Callum Hudson-Odoi

            Taken from Instagram @ calteck10


Jenny Gamez

May 18, 2020, 11:20 a.m.

A day later the new Premier League sex scandal has been cleared up: Callum Hudson-Odoi was arrested on suspicion of rape after inviting a model to his apartment during quarantine.

It was all wrong from the first moment: the Chelsea winger contacted the woman on social media and sent her a car to take her to her apartment in West London. All the rules were violated.

Once there, according to police reports cited by The Sun newspaper, the 19-year-old player would have lost control and forced the model to call the police and request an ambulance to be taken to a hospital.

It is a rising star in the England National Team, so his arrest caused quite a stir. Investigations are still ongoing and a formal indictment is expected next month.

His club, Chelsea, has declined to comment on the events at the moment.

It is worth remembering that Hudson-Odoi became the first Premier League player to test positive for coronavirus last March, although he fully recovered and was ready to resume training with his teammates, awaiting the resumption of the Premier League.

This is the second Premier player to be involved in a sexual incident, after Kyle Walker was investigated for inviting women to his home for a private party.



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