Sex and Love Horoscope, June 25, 2021

Tonight, the Moon is in earthy Capricorn, and tomorrow, it enters social, airy Aquarius. On Sunday, Venus joins Mars in flamboyant Leo, encouraging you to add a little drama and flair to your love life! The Moon dips into emotional Pisces on Monday, and on Wednesday, it enters fiery Aries.

Then, Thursday’s astro-weather is tough: Mars, the planet of libido, is opposing Saturn, the planet of blockages — basically, this is one of the biggest “boner killer” transits you can experience.

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What that means for you:


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Good news, Aries: Venus is entering your chart’s zone of romance, sex, and fun on Sunday, so you’ll be looking gorgeous, feeling confident, and having amazing sex for an entire month! Bad news: You gotta get through this week’s astro-weather first. The Pisces Moon’s watery influence is kinda killing your vibe on Monday and Tuesday. The Moon enters your sign on Wednesday, helping you more upbeat, but then Thursday’s astro-weather is tough. Boning your boo is the last thing on your mind, you’re feeling super cranky, and it’s easy to accidentally blow up without meaning to — so take a chill pill!


This weekend finds you feeling more social than usual. Take advantage of these vibes and slide into your crush’s DMs now because on Sunday, when Venus enters Leo, your sex life starts to slow down … although if you’re looking for a serious relationship, you’re in luck. This vibe is urging you to focus on the people you have history with, and pushing you to form strong, secure, long-lasting relationships. Hookups can still happen, of course, but catching feelings for your fling is a major possibility!


It’s a steamy weekend for you, Gemini! The Moon in earthy, sensual Capricorn makes life in the bedroom feel more erotic, emotional, and intimate, which is especially great if you’re in an LTR. Venus entering Leo on Sunday promises to bring more action to your love life, so say hi to all the new cuties in your DMs. If you’re single, try hitting up one of your Tinder matches on Wednesday — the Aries Moon is great for making new connections!


Whether you’re hooking up, making love, or just spending quality time with someone special, this weekend is spectacular for your love life! Venus has been in your sign for a few weeks, turning you into a total babe magnet, but on Sunday, it dips out of Cancer and enters Leo. Your love life might slow down, but not in a bad way. If you’ve been wanting to splurge on new makeup, upgrade your wardrobe, or pamper yourself, this is the best time to go for it!


This weekend, all the drama from your ex (or multiple exes!) Caused by Mercury Retrograde and Venus in Cancer and the eclipses is finally over! Venus enters your sign on Sunday, making you look (and feel!) Better than ever, and Monday’s Pisces Moon has a steamy, intimate vibe that’s perf for getting down and dirty with someone sexy! If you’re boo’d up, there could be trouble on Thursday, when Saturn, the planet of restrictions, activates your chart’s relationships zone. Bae is feeling especially stubborn on Thursday, and your temper’s shorter than ever. If you can’t cool off and deal with drama calmly, give yourself some space to cool down.


Tonight’s astro-weather is fun! If you’re single and ready to mingle or just in the mood for a hookup, tonight’s vibe is making you lucky when it comes to, well, getting lucky! That changes fast on Sunday, though, when Venus enters your chart’s zone of isolation and the completion of cycles. Expect an ex or two to come back around, and if there’s any unfinished business, it’s gotta be dealt with. Don’t worry: Your friends are keeping you afloat through it all, thanks to Cancer season’s lovely vibe!


Give yourself tonight to recharge your batteries — it’s been a chaotic week, and you’re going to need some energy for Saturday’s upbeat, exciting Aquarius Moon! You’re feeling charming and charismatic this weekend, and when Venus enters Leo on Sunday, you become the most popular person around! Flirt, fool around, and have fun this week, but don’t take anything too seriously. If you’re crushing hard on someone and want to shoot your shot, wait until next week — Thursday’s astro-weather is a huge red flag for rejection.


Don’t expect too much action this weekend, outside of flirting with your crush or sending sexts to your special someone. The pace picks up on Sunday, when you begin to feel empowered to make the changes you want in your love life. This isn’t the best time for hooking up or casually dating — instead, you’re feeling determined to the relationship status you desire. That might mean breaking up with a shitty partner, or asking your date to become your boo — whatever it takes, you’re able to do it now!

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It’s a slow weekend until the Moon enters Aquarius on Saturday, and your notifications start popping off! This week’s amazing for making new connections — especially via dating apps — and adding variety to your love life, whether you’re single or coupled up. Wednesday’s a stellar day for hooking up or first dates, but you’re struggling to find the confidence to shoot your shot. Listen, sometimes you have to take a leap of faith. Don’t let your fear of rejection prevent you from having fun!


With the Moon in your sign and Venus in your chart’s relationships zone, tonight is the night for giving your love life the glow up it deserves. You’re encouraged to make deep, meaningful connections, and it’s easy to open up. This is the time to ask your crush out, DTR, or even propose, because the rest of this week’s astro-weather is pushing you to focus on commitment. There’s nothing frivolous about your love life anymore, as far as you’re concerned — loyalty and security are what’s most important!


After a busy few weeks, you’re finally able to focus on your love life again! Everyone is noticing how hot you are, thanks to Venus entering your chart’s relationships zone on Sunday, and Wednesday’s Aries Moon makes it easy to connect with others — amazing for flirting with all your new potential paramours! Here’s the catch — you gotta loosen up in order to enjoy this astro-weather. Take a breath, don’t take everything so damn seriously, and just let yourself go with the flow and have fun again.


Your love life’s been slowly looking up over the past few weeks, and this weekend it reaches a climax (wink). Romance feels more special, sex is steamier than ever, and if you’re single, making new connections is a total breeze! Now’s the time to do something to spice things up, because work will slowly (but surely) become a greater and greater priority in your life, starting later this week.

Jake Register Jake Register (better known by his Instagram handle, @jakesastrology) is a Libra and the author of Cosmopolitan’s weekly Sexoscopes.

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