Seville: The socialist Juan Espadas ignored the positive of a cemetery employee for ten days

A positive detected in the municipal cemetery of San Fernando, belonging to the Seville City Council, has brought to light the incompetence of the local Executive. The workers accuse the socialist mayor of the capital of “slovenliness” and “irresponsibility”, Juan Espadas, and denounce their situation of “defenselessness” before the “risks” of contagion.

The municipal employees, in a letter collected by Europa Press, detail that On November 5, one of his colleagues reported the positive of a relative with whom he had had direct contact, so the next day he stopped attending his job.

Six days later, on November 11, said cemetery worker underwent a PCR test, which gave a positive result, which was communicated to him on the 13th. This employee had shared with the rest of the municipal cemetery staff “changing rooms, breakfast table and even showers.”

After that, according to the report, no one from the City Council informed them “how to act or what protocol to follow” until the 15th, two days after knowing the positive. That is to say, ten days after the positive notice of the relative was given of the San Fernando worker.

The employees of the cemetery denounce in this sense that already on the same day, November 6, they were interested in what “protocol” to follow before the case manifested by the employee finally infected, insisting that until the 15th they were not informed of the protocol to follow nor asked if they showed symptoms contagion of the virus.

It is not the first incident of the socialist Espadas with the workers of the cemetery. Already in March, the employees of the Seville Cemetery Crematorium They denounced the problems at the time of cremating corpses: the lack of means caused that the bodies took up to three days to be cremated.

The events reported coincide with the fact that, recently, the CCOO, CSIF and UGT sections in the Seville City Council regretted that the local government has promoted a new “prevention protocol of eleven pages “covering” all labor groups “of the Consistory, but do not specify “specific protocols” against the virus for each service or department.