Despite the fact that he has not been playing since December 2018 and that it has been said publicly and more than once that he would not return this season, the surprising classification of the Washington Wizards the final instances that the NBA has organized at the Walt Disney complex in Orlando could lead to the long-awaited return of John wall.

The guard, who has gone through an injury to the Achilles tendon and a broken knee, is “110% healthy and fully recovered” in his words and although the GM of the Wizards has insisted that Wall will return in the 2020 season -21, that date may be drastically advanced.

With the Wizards 5.5 games from Orlando, the capital team should cut the deficit by 1.5 games in the regular mini season that will organize the league to force a play-out for last place. Being so on the edge, but with real chances of making the playoffs, the situation may allow us to see Wall on the track again.