several rumors suggest that there will be no Galaxy Note 21

We have lost count of the times when Samsung’s Galaxy Note line has been rumored to be preparing to shut down. It is an idea that has arisen in the form of rumors or alleged leaks in almost all generations of the devices with S Pen of the Korean brand, and now it is back on the table.

The difference this time around is that it seems that the pieces fit together with greater likelihood than in previous seasons. Especially since it has already been leaked that the S Pen would reach the S series phones, specifically the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra. So maybe, this time, the disappearance of the Note is closer than ever. Even though a good part of the fault may be the folding.

Two great lines and not three

This time there are two rumors on the table from fairly reliable sources in the smartphone sector. The first comes directly from Ice Universe, a well-known leaker with a high success rate. Ice Universe talks about what there is no information moving on to future Note series models.

It follows from the words of Ice Universe that, publishable or not, these should already have information in circulation about future Samsung Galaxy Note 21 or Galaxy Note 30, depending on what name the Korean manufacturer chose. It is true that the year 2020 has not even ended but the large models tend to have small leaks long before their arrival.

To add fuel to the fire is Max Weinbach, another well-known and reliable filter that speaks, already directly, about which high-end Samsung models we can expect next year 2021. And here four S series phones and three phones are mentioned of its folding lines. No Note line models listed by Weinbach, and a new clue that perhaps the Galaxy Note 20 are the last to arrive with that name.

Other rumors speak that the S Pen would not only be supported by the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra but also by the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3, the third generation of its vertical folding, so perhaps Samsung would focus on bringing the S Pen to these two ranges and thus not having a third in circulation that already differs little, it must be said, from the Galaxy S. However, all these are rumors and there is no official information. We will remain waiting.

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Samsung’s possible goodbye to the Note series: several rumors suggest that there will be no Galaxy Note 21