Several rockets are fired at the US embassy in Iraq

According to a statement from the Iraqi military authority, quoted by ., four rockets fell in this area of ​​the Iraqi capital, which houses government buildings and foreign missions.

The statement added that the rockets were fired from a neighborhood in a district of New Baghdad. The statement did not mention victims.

A few minutes earlier, the United States announced that it would reduce the number of troops in Afghanistan and Iraq by January, leaving it by 2,500 troops in each country, the smallest US contingent in two decades of conflict, the Pentagon announced, as part of the military strategy of the outgoing President Donald Trump.

Currently, the United States maintains about 4,500 military personnel in Afghanistan and 3,000 in Iraq.

About 2,000 soldiers will withdraw from Afghanistan by January 15 and 500 more will leave Iraq, said the new acting Defense Minister Christopher Miller, who said this reflects Trump’s desire “to successfully and responsibly end the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and bringing our brave soldiers home. “

The so-called Green Zone, which houses a large number of embassies and government buildings in Baghdad, as well as the capital’s airport, is often the target of rocket attacks.

There have been no attacks against this area for a month after the pro-Iranian Shiite Kataib Hezbollah militia offered a truce “conditional” on the withdrawal of foreign troops from the country.