The activity is already returning to shops in the Spanish provinces, as the de-escalation process established by the Pedro Sánchez government progresses. Hairdressers, dental clinics, workshops … they are adapting their premises to adjust to the new situation and comply with the necessary hygiene and protection measures to deal with the coronavirus.

In this context, companies are making significant economic efforts to catch up with the safety protocol, buying from hydroalcoholic gloves and gels, to screens and other protection mechanisms. However, in the last days, dozens of citizens have reported that in certain shops they have been charged supplements up to 50/60 euros, for the established protection measures.

This rate, which is beginning to be called Covid rate, It is especially used in workshops, hairdressers, dental clinics or even shoe stores and jewelry stores. Ileana Izverniceanu, spokesperson for the Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU), highlights to OKDIARIO that «we are receiving complaints from certain charges that may be considered abusive or even illegal by certain businesses. Customers are being charged for the basic sanitation measures that an establishment must have, which are being fully charged to the consumer. ”


These actions already occurred a few weeks ago with masks and protective gloves, which in certain establishments were charged well above the market price. The truth is that these stores can increase the price to consumers within a range reasonable and provided that the client is aware of the application of this rate.

“We have received complaints from a workshop and from a dental clinic where they want to charge up to 60 euros for protection measures. It should be clarified that any collection as long as it is accepted by the consumer and within limits, is perfectly legal. However if it is very high it can be abusive. Therefore, we recommend to citizens that if they encounter such a case,they make that payment and file a claim with the consumer services from your locality. “adds Izverniceanu.